Roblox, Inc. is the largest cloud-powered mobile-gaming company, with 6B+ minutes played monthly and 20M+ MAU. It enables 1-click play of mobile games without the need to download on mobile phones (iOS & Android), PCs, Macs and Chromebooks.,

We are willing to bet you have heard the word “Roblox” floating around in the past few years for sure. This game is very famous all around the world among every age of people.

There is one cloud platform where you can easily play Roblox i.e. roblox. With 6B+ minutes played monthly and 20M+ MAU,, Inc., is the largest cloud-based mobile gaming company. Mobile games can be played with one click on mobile phones (iOS and Android), PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks.

However, if we talk about the daily active users of, there are probably 52 million persons using this gaming platform daily on the internet.

engagement breakdown as of December 2022, by hours

Most kids prefer this gaming platform a lot. However, it is already stated in a recent earnings presentation that over half amount of the users of Roblox is under the age of 13.

But if you do not have much idea about Roblox and roblox and are willing to know why kids, adults, and brands prefer it so much. Then a common and brief review you should know about the Roblox game is in the below paragraph:

What is Roblox and why Do People Use it?

Roblox is a gaming platform or an app in which users can play different games, create games, and interact and chat with others all over the world. Moreover, social commerce and social media are also combined with this platform.

In simple words, Roblox is a platform where a user can build their own spaces and socialize with many people globally. However, users can also earn and spend virtual money on this roblox platform. They can create their own game so which will lead them to earn profits. It is all depended on the people’s liking.

Roblox – Cloud Powered Mobile Gaming Company

There are different games available on this Roblox platform and all can be played with roblox – mobile cloud platform. It is cloud gameplay, which is free for gamers and developers. Developers can easily embed his gameplay to game developer websites, PC launchers, YouTube and Twitch.

Famous Games and Genres

However, these are divided into different genres like shooting, racing, and many more. Therefore, people can experience different types of game genres according to their liking.

Some of the famous examples of these genres and games are:

  • Brookhaven RP
  • Adopt me

which fall into the Role-play genre or category. However, there are many other famous games. Gen Z’s version of Club Penguins is also available on this Roblox gaming platform.

Some of the famous examples of   Roblox gaming platform.

The biggest and most interesting fact, which makes people like it more is its free access. Yes! Roblox is a free-of-cost gaming platform so users can play any sort of game without any charges. However, if they want to spend virtual in-game money, it’s totally up to them.

developer payout structure

How to Earn Money on Roblox?

People can earn money by producing their games and introducing them into the market. A portion of sales goes back to the game’s creator which is about 28 percent per dollar. It is totally up to the game’s popularity.

Annual developer and creator cash payout on Roblox from 2018 to 2022(in million U.S. dollars)

Here is a living example of earning money by producing games:

A teenager Alex Balfanz recently paid his whole college degree completely with this Roblox’s earnings. He created a game named Jailbreak, which gets popular with the passage of time and people started liking it.

A teenager Alex Balfanz recently paid his whole college degree completely with this Roblox’s earnings | His youtube Channel
Jailbreak, and programming

And if we talk about the recent income of Alex. He gets 1 million dollars every year from this Roblox gaming platform. However, the age of Alex is just 25 now and he is earning a handsome profit from this platform.

So it is not difficult for you either. You can download Roblox easily on your computer and mobile and start working on it. Someday you will succeed for sure.

If you don’t want to download it and play this game on mobile or computer without downloads, Use Roblox with mobile cloud platform i.e. roblox.